Elizabeth Gondwe Juwa

Elizabeth Gondwe Juwa, Mercy Soko – Mchengautuwa Knitting Enterprise

Mchengautuwa Knitting Enterprise is a project that aims to reduce the suffering amongst vulnerable individuals in Mzuzu, Malawi who experience a lack of stable income. Led by Elizabeth Gondwe Juwa and Mercy Soko, they will train beneficiaries on knitting skills, which will help these individuals earn money to purchase food and other necessities. They will organize the targeted beneficiaries into a group where they will be trained in the construction of sweaters, scarfs, baby shawls, and other winter clothing. These materials will be sold and the group members will share the profit that comes from the sales. The group members will be also have the opportunity to establish credit facilities, where they can save and gain access to loans to diversify their income generating activities.

This project will help to seed the change by offering seed capital that cannot be easily accessed as lending institutions demonstrate bias or exhibit exclusive money lending policies. Elizabeth and Mercy are inspired to undertake this project as many women live in poverty and it is challenging for them to live a meaningful life. The grant will help in purchasing knitting machines, cotton yarn, and training materials.