Elicy Kondowe

Elicy Kondowe – Youth Tree Nursery Production Project

Youth Tree Nursery Production Project addresses unemployment issue in Chitipa, Malawi. The project leader, Elicy Kondowe, will create employment opportunities for youth through empowering them with the skills and knowledge on landscape as well as tree nursery production whereby they will able to utilize their skills gained to successfully manage nurseries and secure employment. Not only will this will result in helping the youth earn a living as there is high unemployment rate, however the environment will also be protected and most areas reforested. “I am inspired by my grandfather who has a timber forest through which he has created employment for people and able to sustain himself with the whole family.”

This seed grant will help youths to earn a living and be independent. This will help them to be able to create their own nursery trees in future, small business or secure a job.