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Eileen Weintraub, Unsung Vegan Hero, 2016

Date grant awarded: October 1, 2016

Tribute by Donna Marino (with Jessika Ava)

I met Eileen Weintraub at the Animal Rights Conference in 2015 while she was working at the Help Animals India table. Although I’d followed her group for a few years on social media and knew a little about its work, when I met her in person and looked at the map she had displayed of India, I was immediately impressed by the number of animals in different locations her group was helping.

And Help Animals India wasn’t helping only street dogs and cats. There were initiatives to help cows, monkeys, elephants, equines, pigs, and many others.

Some significant efforts by Eileen and Help Animals India include the rescue/release of Aneesha, a logging camp elephant with severe injuries, education about “plastic cows” who are abandoned on the streets and die from eating garbage (mostly plastic) to survive, as well as their continual fight to enforce stricter laws against animal abuse. In addition, Help Animals India purchases modern veterinary equipment for clinics, facilitates training for veterinarians, helps construct shelters for animals, supports efforts to promote a vegan lifestyle, promotes awareness of animal abuse through advertising, funds ambulances for animal rescue, and provides medical care for working animals such as equines. They also help animals in both India and Nepal after devastating natural disasters such as flooding and earthquakes.

Thanks to Eileen’s efforts the following goals have been realized:

  • Construction of more than 5 new shelters
  • More than 8000 emergency vet treatments
  • More than 8000 street dog sterilizations and rabies vaccines administered
  • Training for more than 40 veterinarians
  • Humane education delivered to over 1000 community members
  • Shelter jobs to over 50 local people, and so much more

In countries where some of the neediest animals face significant challenges, Eileen is helping to make life better for them. I am truly honored to know her.

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