Boone River Community Sculpture Project

Eden Hall – Boone River Community Sculpture Project

The Boone River Community Sculpture Project is about connecting a community to its river through the interactive, creative powers of art. This year long project was designed by environmental artist, Eden Hall, and will culminate in a bronze sculpture installed in a park on the Boone river in Iowa, United States of America. The sculpture will contain textures, forms, and ideas generated by river clean-up volunteers, as well as elementary and high school students who live near the Boone river. Iowa’s waterways are unique and powerful remnants of a wilderness lost to agricultural use of land. They are a reflection of the people who manage and live in the watershed.

This project strives to find a positive and proactive vision of our relationships to the river by collaborating on a shared awe and concern for the river. It is also about bringing the art process directly into the hands of people: volunteers will make intuitive sculptures based on what they find in the river and Eden Hall will translate and combine these sculptures into the final bronze via mold making and lost wax casting. The generous grant from The Pollination Project will help purchase art materials.