Fontoh Desmond and a member of his team planting a tree

Eco Warriors for the Future – Eco-Youths for the Future in the Chomba Community Forest

Fontoh Desmond is the founder of Cepow Cameroon, an organization with the goal to build on the theory of change, through healthier/sustainable solutions on uprising environmental issues. Alongside his team, they believe that by training and empowering youth on forest conversation is one of the best ways to promote future sustainable forest management. This will permit the youth to connect to nature and create change for the future. Working in communities, Fontoh and his team will be bringing their compassionate environmental education workshops to young people in Cameroon. Further with the planting of over 25000 trees they will ensure the restoration of habitat and degraded areas in their focus forest while conserving the lone water catchment a source to a population of 6,500 persons.