Children washing their hands

Eco-Soap Bank – Soap Angels

Soap Angels, powered by Eco-Soap Bank, is a program of Triple Shine Foundation that empowers disabled and rehabilitated drug users in the Mamelodi Township of the Capital City of South Africa, Tshwane. Soap Angels is committed to providing soaps with dignity by meticulously recycling hotel soaps through our 8-step process into fresh new hygienic bars. By doing this, the project aims to achieve lifesaving and sustainable improvements in global hygiene practices, so that no child suffers from preventable diseases because they lacked access to soap.

The project stemmed out of an interest to save soap away from the landfill and serve a greater purpose in solving unemployment as well as the lack of hand washing soap at schools , children’s homes, and child learning centers. The grant funding will assist in seeding the program, purchasing materials, and covering start-up costs.