Dobroslawa Karbowiak, Animal Rights Workshops

Dobroslawa Karbowiak, Animal Rights Workshops 2016-12-11T19:27:33+00:00

Dobroslawa Karbowiak, Animal Rights Workshops

About a year ago, Dobroslawa Karbowiak started an animal rights organization in Warsaw, Poland that is offering the Animal Rights Workshops. Dobroslawa hopes to spread animal rights awareness throughout the country. She is hosting a series of animal rights workshops throughout the ten largest cities in Poland. These workshops will be supplemented with an online educational database as well as support and guidance in how to create grassroots movement groups in Poland. The training will cover important information about the reality of factory farming in Poland, the basics of social psychology, and strategies to achieve bigger impact when directly engaging one’s audience.

The mission of these workshops is to prevent the suffering of animals through the introduction of systemic social change, documenting the conditions of factory farming and education to promote positive attitudes toward animals. With Dobroslawa’s many years of experience in organizing workshops and training, combined with her devoted team of activists, she has all the right tools to make a difference, which is beautifully stated in her intention. “We want to increase our impact by multiplying it. Our aim is to empower new activists with knowledge and skills and bring about bigger and more professional animal rights movement in Poland.”

The funds from The Pollination Project will be used to make the workshops a reality. For more information on the Animal Rights Workshops in Poland, please check out their website, or follow them on Facebook or Twitter.


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