Didier Dusabikiza

Didier Dusabakiza, Baluku Boaz – Disability Awareness Raising in Mataba – Gakenke District

People with disabilities in the local communities of Rwanda face a challenge of social exclusion. They are not involved in community activities since they are considered to be useless. Therefore, we have been inspired to create awareness on the potentials of persons living with disabilities in Mataba Sector, Gakenke District, Kigali, Rwanda. Through awareness campaigns, the local community will understand all the potentials of persons with disabilities and realize how disability is not inability.

Run by Didier Dusabikiza and Baluku Boaz, they aim to bring hope to persons with disabilities through skill-based trainings, community sensitizations, and dissemination of information and products made by persons with disabilities to the public.

The grant funds will help purchase program materials, cover printing, copying costs, and technical support during implementation, and website hosting.