Rosie with a friend from 2018 migrant caravan in Mexico City.

Denis Farangi and Rosie Malachi – The Brink – Voices exploring borders, migration and freedom

The Brink is a dynamic, fiercely independent, not-for-profit media platform dedicated to sharing real stories about migration, borders, and freedom. Founders and reporters Rosie Malachi and Denis Farangi are currently on the move, cycling through Central America, collecting personal stories of migration as well as (extra)ordinary folk’s ideas about how we can re-imagine our collective approach to the movement of people.

In an age of rampant disinformation and sensationalist reporting, particularly around the topic of migration, The Brink aims to bring us all back down to earth and elevate the voices of those most often excluded from the conversation, the very people who are most affected by borders and migration. Keep your eyes peeled as The Brink continue their aspirationally carbon neutral journeys collecting stories and radical ideas for change from around the world.