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Deb Hutchison, Kristine Schuetze – Art Awareness in Baird Creek

As someone who has spent countless hours in the Baird Creek Greenway with my family, I am now volunteering my time to help the Baird Creek Preservation Foundation create an awareness campaign to increase their presence in the community. As the organization that maintain the miles of trails, restores the habitat, and provides the environmental education to area students, it is imperative that members of the community know of the importance of this organizations work. I have brought together a local artist to create a woodcut piece of art that depicts the flora and fauna found in the Greenway that will be used as a promotional piece to bring awareness to the Foundation. This piece will be sold to raise additional funds to continue the mission of the Foundation, as well as positioned in various locations in the greater Green Bay area to draw attention to the Foundation and its work.

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