M Fay Ashworth

Davidson County Transitional Services, SEC2ND Chance Outreach

Sec2ND Chance is a Community Outreach Re-Entry & Recidivism Program developed under the leadership of Dr M Fay Ashworth, an ex-offender many years ago.

Influenced by the growing social needs of the community, the Chief Executive Director responded by developing the Sec2ND Chance Community Outreach, which provides evidence-based programs to individuals awaiting trial and those on probation or parole that will impact their current situation and reduce the possibility of recidivism. Services include GED/ABE instruction, anger management, employment readiness, life skills/parenting skills, and Moneysmart. The Project also helps to ease one’s transition from prison and other life challenges for individuals who are having difficulty obtaining employment due to lack of skills, housing, re-building relationships, or connections after an unexpected crisis, incarceration, or other unfortunate circumstances.

#TEamDCTS provides the highest operative solution for decreasing recidivism and reducing or eradicating destructive behaviors for youths and adults. DCTS works towards inspiring change to broaden individual’s social networks through life skills, education, case management or counseling while empowering them to become change agents within their communities. The Project is currently directed by Wendy Sellars and programming is approved by Educational Director Cheryl Jeffreries.