David & Harris Ambush, Hands 4 Hope After School Care

In South St. Petersburg, Florida, where many elementary students live below the poverty line, David and his brother, Harris Ambush, envision a safe haven them to visit after school, with activities meant to nurture their minds and engage their passions.

“It is my opinion that there is absolutely no better way to progress this planet than with the love, support, and education of the youth,” David said. “Our program will nurture, love and support children while allowing them to focus on areas of interest that may one day lead to their career and them being able to provide for themselves and their family, as well as change the world with their dreams, education, and attitude.”

Their organization, Hands 4 Hope helps support education in distressed areas, like communities affected by natural disasters. The organization’s after-school center would help offset the effects of a different kind of impact — budget cuts. They expect to offer classes in the arts, nutrition, yoga, agriculture and other areas that are not being funded or addressed within the local school system.

The grant from the Pollination Project will help purchase books, gardening supplies, furniture and sports equipment.

To learn more about Hands 4 Hope, visit their website, Facebook page and Twitter.

GRANT AWARD DATE: July 15, 2014