Dan Jetter

Dan Jetter – EducationEquity Foundation

EducationEquity Foundation (EEF) provides excellent free tutoring to motivated low-income students taking online lessons in science and/or math. These non-EEF online lessons are often free MOOCs – Massively Open Online Courses. EEF founder Dan Jetter, himself an expert private tutor of science and math – over 2400 hours’ experience- augments the online lessons with in-person tutoring as needed. Though currently focused on the Trenton area, EEF will soon be available throughout the NYC Metro Area. In fact, EEF’s roots are in NYC, where Dan was a High School Science teacher.

After burning out in frustration with a dysfunctional public education system that left even motivated kids without the math foundations necessary for science learning, Dan resolved to return someday to help such kids help themselves. EEF, with its efficient/effective pedagogy of in-person tutoring that supplements online lessons, is the mechanism for helping these kids help themselves. This grant will help EEF maintain its website, as well as provide textbooks to students who have limited Internet access. Just as importantly, thanks to the ensuing publicity from The Pollination Project, this grant may help EEF partner with computer hardware-providing foundations that are also attempting to bridge the digital divide in education.