Comprehensive Agriculture & Rural Development Initiatives (CARDI-Uganda) – Youth and Women in Agricultural Sustainability To Improve Livelihoods and Sustainable Natural Resources

Date grant awarded: 12/10/2017

Comprehensive Agriculture & Rural Development Initiatives (CARDI-Uganda) is a rural community based organization. It was established in 2008 by a group of community development volunteers and led by Jingo Joseph Nkumbi, an international youth worker and professional agronomist. CARDI-Uganda is working directly with rural poor and marginalized unskilled communities at the grassroots level, to give them hope for the future and improve their livelihoods. The project aims to empower subsistence farmers and improve the social-economic status of rural communities to reduce poverty in the two districts of Kayunga and Buikwe.

The project involves training 200 young farmers. It will begin with a training of trainers for 20 youths who will become key farmer trainers in their respective villages. Each key farmer will be responsible for mobilizing, monitoring and mentoring 20 young farmers with support of our professional trainers at the center.