Cleon Orina Otieno

Cleon Orina Otieno – South to South (Dasud)

Among the first of its kind in the region, South to South (Dasud), is a community based organization dedicated to facilitating the old and vulnerable members of the society through sufficient nutritious foods and fruits. Located in the Nyanza region of Kenya in East Africa, Dasud provides communal awareness on the need to adopt technology based farming methods. Led by Cleon Orina Otieno, Dasud partners with schools, churches, and structured self-help groups in disseminating information on the need to embrace a variety of short season food crops in order to be food secured and have surplus for sale in the spirit of economic empowerment. The grant from The Pollination Project will support this work by economically empowering the community, securing a community seed bank, and helping community members to adopt to technology based farming.