Chloe Falkenheim, Youth Vegetarian Alliance

Chloe is a highly motivated, ambitious 15 year old who is deeply committed to making change. Chloe is passionate about vegetarian diets (She became vegetarian at age 9) yet finds that when she talks to other teenagers about changing their diet to reflect their values, they are held back because they live at home.  Chloe is creating a website and you tube channel aimed at teenagers with the goal of helping them overcome resistance at home by addressing all health, social and practical myths about eating vegan and vegetarian. It will provide tools, encouragement and support necessary to make eating vegetarian as easy as possible in the context of a household.

Chloe’s plan is to create this comprehensive website and you tube channel. She plans to also share information and resources for starting a school club. She will create an alliance of middle and high school vegetarian clubs throughout the world, encouraging those who are already vegan or vegetarian to take action.

We are funding Chloe to buy a basic website template, support her video taping efforts and content development, and to help her get outreach materials printed on tree free paper.