Chisom Okoye educating pregnant women during a community health promotion program in Eastern Nigeria.

Chisom Okoye, Chinenye Ugwu – Helping Babies and Mums Breathe

Helping Babies and Mums Breathe is an initiative of Children Solace Support Organization designed to reduce maternal and newborn deaths through knowledge and skill acquisition among health workers and birth attendants in Nigeria. Coordinated by Chisom Okoye, Children Solace Support Organization provides health advocacy services to women and children, workshops for caregivers/health workers and educational support for underprivileged children, thereby expanding opportunities for children to reach their full potentials.

Through this grant, Chisom Okoye and Chinenye Ugwu will will train health workers and birth attendants across birth centres on optimal delivery care, early maternal/newborn referrals and measures to help babies breathe immediately after birth in low resource centres. These practices will not only reduce maternal and infant mortality but will help to build strong foundations for positive health outcomes in children.