ChiaPei 'Jessi' Chang and Yu-Sheng Tai

Chia-Pei (Jessi) Chang and Yu-Sheng Tai, Lisa Shapiro Award Winner 2017

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A tribute written for Chia-Pei (Jessi) Chang and Yu-Sheng Tai, written by: Frances Cheng, PhD

Activists Chia-Pei (Jessi) Chang and Yu-Sheng Tai of Taipei, Taiwan, aren’t affiliated with a particular animal rights group—in fact, Chia-Pei works full-time as a pharmacist and Yu-Sheng recently graduated from college. But what they do for the movement is awe-inspiring. They’re the epitome of activism. They volunteer—serving as key organizers, emcees, and spokespersons—and keep their fingers on the pulse of developments related to vegan living. Whether it’s a new vegan-friendly business or an upcoming animal rights campaign, you can count on them to establish a connection with the people involved right away. They’re your first port of call if you’re an event organizer in need of volunteers, part of a foreign group seeking to collaborate with local activists, or simply new in town and wanting to know what’s hip. Their can-do attitude, high energy, and drive—supported by a growing network of other talented activists they’ve inspired—make them true heroes for animals and a force to be reckoned with.

Although our work together is challenged by a 13-hour time difference, they’re among my go-to activists. They’re reliable, plain-speaking, and professional. From developing campaign strategy with international groups to translating vegan and animal rights resources between Chinese and English and connecting animal advocates around the world, their contribution to the movement extends well beyond Taiwan. In May 2016, they helped the International Vegan Volunteer Union (IVVU) run a groundbreaking event called Vegan Fever, which attracted more than 400 attendees, including several government officials, and marked the beginning of a wave of animal rights activities on the island. Afterward, they worked with the IVVU again to help with The 1st Cross-Strait Vegan Industry Forum, which brought together leaders of vegan businesses from several Asian countries. Highlights also included the Vegan Awakening x Intergenerational Talk with Meat Free Monday Taiwan featuring Dr. Will Tuttle and several young local activists.

With the Environment & Animal Society of Taiwan, the duo helped with a high-profile protest against McDonald’s for its use of battery cages. They also helped coordinate the first annual animal rights summer camp at the National Taiwan Normal University as well as the TALK x Animal Rights event, a TED Talks–style competition for students. With Vegan 30, they organized a Love for All Memorial Day event, a National Animal Rights Day–like ceremony aimed at the killing of animals during the Ghost Festival. With a growing network of activists, they distributed over 1,000 anti-dairy posters within a few weeks before Mother’s Day this year and got them posted on storefronts and bulletin boards throughout Taiwan. They also take part regularly in street activism and deliver lectures on vegan living and animal rights. Despite his natural introversion, Yu-Sheng has studied public speaking for activism, and over the last two years, he has given more than 80 talks in front of a total of 6,000 people.

Chia-Pei and Yu-Sheng’s ability to connect with people and draw them into the movement is extremely impressive—as is their capacity to find the time and energy to balance their dedicated activism with employment and other commitments. I’m so proud to support their work and help shine a light on all that they do for animals.

A tribute written  for Chia-Pei (Jessi) Chang and Yu-Sheng Tai, written by: Frances Cheng, PhD
Translated by: 伍冠瑋 Kuan-Wei Wu, 政治大學動物之生社長 President, Life for Animals, National Chengchi University



他們幫助「台灣動物社會研究會」發起了一場高調的針對麥當勞使用格子籠蛋雞的抗議。他們也曾組織了於台灣師範大學舉辦的第一屆動物權利夏令營「動物腥球」與一個形式類似於TED Talks的叫「三校聯合專題發表會」的學生動權演講比賽。他們也和純素30天一起規劃並舉辦了「動物祈福大會」,是一個類似於國際動物權日形式的活動,為在中元節被殺害的動物祈福。在和與日俱增的推廣者們合作下,他們在短短幾週內就發散了超過1000張反乳品的海報,並張貼於台灣各地的店門口與佈告欄上。他們也常常參與街頭推廣並傳授純素生活以及動物權的知識。另外,儘管宇陞是個生性內向的人,他仍為了動權而磨練與學習了演講的技巧,並在過去的兩年內,為超過6000人進行了超過80次的演說。


See Chia-Pei (Jessi) Chang and Yu-Sheng Tai in action.