Paloma, Chaska, and Jorge on their way to the Nueva Esperanza community to interview speakers of other Ampiyacu river basin languages

Chaska Rojas B, Paloma Abregu, Jorge Diaz – Lenguas entre mundos: resistencia linguistica en el Ampiyacu

Peru has 48 Indigenous languages, most of which are not known to a majority of Peruvians. Four of the most endangered indigenous languages – Bora, Huitoto, Ocaina, and Resigaro – exist in the Ampiyacu river basin in the Amazonian Loreto region, where Jorge Diaz lives. For this project, language activists Paloma Abregu and Chaska Rojas-Bottger, have joined Jorge in his community to learn more, and document, what it means to have a language that is highly endangered.