Carnaval del Maíz – Jornadas en defensa de las semillas nativas

The issue is the control and the domination of the trans-national companies of the food system through the production, distribution, and commercialization of agricultural products like the GMO and processed products. All of this has seriously affected the agricultural practices in Mexico and the diversity of native seeds. Jornadas en defensa de las semillas nativas has an objective of conserving native seeds, especially corn, through the promotion and implementation of traditional agroecological techniques of the country, like the “milpa”. Furthermore, to promote the recognition of rural production in the city and its importance as an alternative in contrast to the system of domination which privileges the processed food and the chains of trans-national commercialization.

This project It will be carried out through activities such as workshops where we are going to present models of agroecological production like the “milpa,” the conservation of native seeds by exchange, workshops on soil conservation, native plant species and use of medicinal plants, screening of documentaries, informative talks, discussions and forums.