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Carla Buntyn, Regeneration For Compassion 

Armed with the understanding that economic development is essential to a community’s productivity in a global economy, Carla Buntyn, along with a group of like minded individuals, started Compassion For Lives, which focuses on workforce development for homeless individuals, ex-offenders, and “at-risk” youth. Carla and Compassion For Lives members believe in second chances and want to provide individuals who needed that second chance the tools to be successful in whatever endeavor they choose to pursue.

Carla’s current initiative, Reintegration for Compassion, conducts job skills classes for 4 weeks that focus on interviewing, applications, etiquette, communication, resume creation, and job search. The participants then attend a 4 week Anger Management Course to address everyday potential stressors in positive and constructive ways. They also receive manuals and hand-outs during the courses and have access to an open computer lab to assist in learning computer operations and how to complete effective job searches.

Carla has established a few community partnerships and with the assistance of 5-10 volunteers, has serviced 35 people. Her goal is to work with 50 individuals in the next year, and she is confident that at least 47 participants (95%) will successfully complete the program and reintegrate into the community within a year of completing the program. This grant will help Carla maintain her website, market new programs, and purchase curriculum.

For more information about  Compassion For Lives, visit their Website Facebook and follow them on Twitter.

GRANT AWARD DATE: August 14, 2015

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