Camilo Viveiros, Paul McNeil with a group of people in circle

Camilo Viveiros, Paul McNeil – The Social Movement Oral History Project of Popular Praxis

The Social Movement Oral History Project, is based in Southern New England and involves an intergenerational group of organizers and activists. Popular Praxis is dedicated to sharing community organizing skills and strategy, bringing together theory and action to expand participation in organizing efforts. The Social Movement Oral History Project is a project of Popular Praxis that documents, shares, and archives stories and lessons from past and present social movements.

Recognizing we have much to learn from past and current organizers and activists, Popular Praxis works to interview and record social movement elders as well as younger movement participants, to preserve these important popular histories for contemporary and future reference. Inspired by the sacrifices of elderly activists we realized that without our efforts that we would lose many valuable lessons from past social movements.

Pollination Project grant funds will allow us to hold community based events sharing elders insights and stories of activism.