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Bryan College Enactus – Dayton Community Garden

In Dayton, Tennessee, access to healthy food is limited due to the socioeconomic status of the city and a lack of incentives to exercise and eat healthy. A healthy lifestyle is often perceived as unattainable or formidable due to lack of education or resources. The Dayton Community Garden is passionate about changing the health of Dayton and showing Dayton residents that eating better can taste good, exercising can be fun, and growing your own food is incredibly rewarding!

The Community Garden takes a multi-faceted approach that targets multiple age-groups and demographics through gardening enrichment programs. They have sectioned off 21 learning plots for students at local middle and elementary schools to grow their own produce, herbs, and flowers. Students have the freedom to utilize the plot to grow whatever they want and take ownership of what they produce. In addition, younger students benefit from the mentorship of an older student and learn to take pride in what they grow, as well as how to grow it.