Two men stand opposite a shelf full of mushrooms.

Brian Vegah Viyof and Blaise Abongeh, Empowering Impoverished Families Through Sustainable Mushroom Cultivation: Pass Over The Seed (POTS) Project

Date grant awarded: May 22, 2016

Mushrooms are only available for harvest once a year in Bamenda and Buea, Cameroon, with harvesters walking long distances to collect the crop, often with a mere 15% success rate. Due to the high market price, estimated between $40 and $50 USD for a fifteen liter bucket, Brian Vegah Viyof and Blaise Abongeh have created the Pass Over the Seed Project. Their work is aimed at training twenty impoverished farm families on the proper cultivation techniques of the oyster mushroom, enabling them to grow the crop at home.