Secretary Chaundra Scott (left), CEO & Founder Breona Larmore (middle), and President Sha-Nia Johnson (right) at our first fundraising event.

Breona Larmore – Her Sins Are Forgiven

Her Sins Are Forgiven is a God given vision that was placed on my heart in 2016. I have always had a passion for the criminal justice system but decided that I wanted to provide rehabilitation services instead of being an enforcer. The women’s state prison population has grown 834% since 1978, and more than half of these women return to prison within the first 3 years after release.

There are less than 7 programs such as mine in Maryland and only one other in my district. Her Sins Are Forgiven’s focus is recidivism and our goal is successful reentry for women returning to society after incarceration. We serve our clients by providing resources that we feel are necessary to create an ideal quality of life outside of prison walls. Some of the resources we provide include case management, crisis counseling, job readiness, one on one and peer support, GED tutoring, and much more!