Brandi Mack and Niambi Jaha-Echols, The Butterfly Movement

Date grant awarded: July 21, 2016

In America today, young women of color grow up in a society in which racial and gender stereotypes constantly devalue their experience and worth. Recognizing that the turmoil that many young people experience stems from this sense of disconnection and devaluation, Brandi Mack and Niambi Jaha-Echols are determined to give young women the tools to negotiate the process of identity construction, while also connecting them to the strength that can be drawn through nurturing the earth.

Working as ‘The Butterfly Movement“, Brandy, Niambi, and their team run camps, training sessions, workshops, and sharing circles that are helping young women of color find the strength and power that lies within. Operating from a perspective that a connection to the natural world can help to foster and develop this strength, The Butterfly Movement grounds their work in the principles of permaculture. By giving young women of color spaces in which they can learn self love, develop their own identities, form bonds with their peers and across generations, and recognize that their worth transcends the definitions imposed by our society, The Butterfly Movement is supporting the development of confident, loving, and connected young women of color who care for themselves, their community, and the earth.

To support them as they take their work on the road, the Butterfly movement will receive a flow fund grant via Youth Leadership Hub Team Member, Susan Silber.