La Múcura´s founders and leaders: Bonnie Devine and Jimena Almario

Bonnie Devine and Jimena Almario – RAIS: Art in South America

RAIS: Art in South America is both a book and a process. The book tells the story of Bonnie Devine’s 4-year research journey across South America with La Múcura – an arts and social transformation grassroots organization from Colombia – as she gets to know some of the most amazing leaders who are creating social change through the arts. Their experiences, along with her own, are the centerpiece of the research project and the book. The lack of academic support, visibility and networking are some of the greatest hurdles Bonnie and those like her have to tackle as advocates and creators of social change through the arts in South America.

RAIS: Art in South America addresses these three issues, both on and off paper. With a grant from The Pollination Project grant, she will be able to fund the eco-friendly printing of 500 copies of this book, which is the first step towards a comprehensive self-sustaining distribution strategy based on face to face round table events across South America to debate the contents of RAIS, network, and empower each other. As a social worker and musician, Bonnie is passionate about the arts and social transformation.

“This project is inspired by the underlying belief and passion that through these creative experiences we can heal as individuals, as relationships and as a society.”