Blessing Mary Ocheido – Improving Mobility & Accessibility for Nigerian Students

Improving Mobility & Accessibility for Nigerian Students aims at improving educational opportunities for students with disabilities through addressing the human rights and dignity of persons with disabilities in Nigeria. According to WHO, Nigeria has the highest number of out of school kids, totaling over 8 million kids. Due to socio-cultural impediments, most of these kids have a physical disability, which often leads to abandonment or being used to solicit for alms.

This project is important to me because I want live in a society where no one is left behind and everyone – irrespective of disability – is empowered to be independent and productive. I was inspired to pursue this through my personal experiences as a person living with a disability. Following a medical injury at the age of three, I became paralyzed from the waist down. Over the years, I have had to build disability ramps in all the places I have schooled, lived, and worked. I am motivated by my own challenges to make life better for people like me. I believe that education is the major key in improving the quality of life of the millions of persons with disabilities in Nigeria.

The Pollination Project grant is a very vital resource that I need to procure mobility aids for children with disabilities and to install access ramps in public secondary schools in Nigeria. By doing this, we will be giving them a valuable opportunity to build their capacities as equally important members of the society.