Guerilla Farming Into Land Sovereignty

Black Earth Farms Family – Guerilla Farming Into Land Sovereignty

The Black Earth Farms Collective is an agroecological ‘lighthouse’ organization composed of skilled Pan-African and Pan-Indigenous farmers, spiritual leaders, builders, healers, and educators who spread ancestral knowledge and train community members to build collectivized, autonomous, and chemical free food systems in urban and peri-urban environments throughout the Greater East San Francisco Bay Area, which is occupied Ohlone land. Our work regenerates our community’s connection to and reverence for land and agriculture, which was severed from our ancestors through colonial violence, and removed from our elders through multinational corporate exploitation. Our mission is to establish complete food sovereignty in the East Bay by creating a truly local food system independent of industrial agriculture.

One of our main priorities is ensuring low-income and houseless communities in Berkeley, Oakland, Emeryville, and Richmond have consistent access to culturally relevant healthy food and natural medicine including, herbs, flowers, mushrooms, cannabis and hemp. Our longterm mission is to have a sovereign land base where we can create community, steward land in relationship with our ancestors, and organize and exchange knowledge to dismantle oppressive forces.