Beth Stone and Candace Martin, The Young Yogi Program for Peace and Positivity

Beth StoneBeth Stone and Candace Martin are yoga instructors and devoted lifelong students of living their message. With their project, The Young Yogi Program for Peace and Positivity, they aim to bring the practice of yoga and mindfulness to the Orange County, Florida Public School System.  Their approach of rooting the program in science coupled with the notion of kinesthetic learning, allows for parents who are less familiar with the teachings of the Vedic system to understand the deep and endless benefits that this practice provides.

“Our intention is to bring this program to an F-rated school in a high risk area, as well as to an A-rated school in a more privileged neighborhood. We feel our program’s mission aligns deeply with that of the public school system.” Beth explains.

The funds from The Pollination Project will help buy the supplies needed to make this program a reality in Orange County schools. To learn more about The Young Yogi Program for Peace and Positivity follow them on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.