Awanto Nwufor Ernest – Sexual and Reproductive Health Safe Space

Social norms and taboos related to gender, sexuality, and sexual reproductive health (SRH) issues create a culture of silence, particularly for adolescent girls, in asking, obtaining information, discussing, and expressing their worries about SRH issues. Many girls have limited agency and mobility, few possibilities to express themselves without judgment, and know few persons and places to seek information and support.

The lack of a confidential and judgment-free environment can be a barrier to girls obtaining SRH information, learn skills, and feel supported in expressing their concerns related to their lives and SRH issues. Through this safe space, Ernest and collaborators will be providing comprehensive services that include skills in negotiation, conflict resolution, critical thinking, decision making and communication, gender, gender-based violence reduction, leadership, and career guidance.

Awanto Nwufor Ernest is a goal oriented, passionate social worker with over 8 years of experience in the field of Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) and youth development. I have worked with Ernest is training young people and as a trainer, peer educator and social worker, I think he is better place to implement such a project. He is a trainer and consultant with Care and Health Program Cameroon; he has trained diverse groups including civil society, youth, professional association and academics. Awanto also serves as the coordinator of community based organization working with most at-risk populations in Cameroon.