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August Tarrier, Songs in the Key of Free

Date grant awarded: March 1, 2016

Songs in the Key of Free is a series of composer/musician workshops at SCI-Graterford in which Philly musicians and songwriters and classically trained musicians from The Curtis Institute develop and celebrate the musical talent of incarcerated men via performance-based classes in composing, arranging, and musicianship.

Our mission is to stand with our brothers and sisters on the inside, to promote community and to cultivate leadership and dignity among those who have been marginalized and disempowered by providing opportunities to be of use and to lead. The foundation of the workshop springs out of the communion of music and song, which is powerfully redemptive for us all.  The transformative potential of being heard and known provides opportunities for participants to tap into the power of story to transform and heal our lives, and to access our core strengths. Music summons us back to our elemental goodness: telling our stories in song can set us free.


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