Two men stand next to a beehive with participating members standing in the background

Ataba Jude Fonsah, Help Save Honeybees and Other Pollinators in Cameroon

If the world loses the honeybee, we will inevitably lose much of our food supply. Worldwide, there are approximately ninety different food plants that depend almost exclusively on the honeybee. Ataba Jude Fonsah has created the Help Save Honeybees and Other Pollinators in Cameroon project to help protect and promote the health of honeybees amongst other pollinators by shifting from destructive chemical agriculture to a more sustainable and ecological farming.

Ataba is focusing his project on inculcating the values of environmental protection and management in the youth of Batibo, Cameroon. He will address how pesticides are used, and how poverty, food insecurity and lack of biodiversity act as active contributors to the disappearance of honeybees. A four day training workshop will be organized that will reach out to twenty-five youth on sustainable beekeeping and organic farming techniques. Each of the participants will return to their residence with a beehive, 100 grams of bee wax and seeds that will establish healthy and thriving bee environments. The participants will also form the first cohort of an ecofriendly, youth club that will assist Ataba in continuing to sensitize the greater community.

“I believe in a society that is safe and just; where everyone can live in harmony with nature. A place of equal opportunities while using local resources to become self-reliant and sustainable. This is an ideal and dream that I am prepared to live and work for. Plant a Tree and Save a Bee ”- Ataba Jude Fonsah

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GRANT AWARD DATE: December 19, 2015