ASCOA team in the office during a planification meeting towards the project.

Association for Community Awareness – Clean Coastal Area for Sustainable Development in Cameroon

The Clean Coastal Area for Sustainable Development in Cameroon project aims at cleaning, sorting, and documenting waste collected from the beach area of Limbe, Southwest, Cameroon while creating awareness on the hazards of environmental pollution and serving as an eye-opener for other civil society organization. This initiative is part of the Association for Community Awareness – ASCOA. ASCOA will organize a workshop during the celebration of the 2019 International Coastal Clean-up Day with the local population along the area.

This work is important as the community has seen an increase in the accumulation of litter and water along the coastline, causing environmental pollution and community health problems. The area is one of the popular tourism sites, with it being the most visited beaches of national and international individuals for leisure and research. ASCOA is inspired to engage in this work as environmental protection is one of their largest focus areas. In all, the workshop, media sensitization, and the purchase of working tools will allow them to achieve their goals.