Anna Sun, Ariana Deng, and Sophia Xing (from left to right) who are the founders of Project Bring it Home

Ariana Deng – Global Pitch Competition – Project Bring It Home

Homelessness is an issue affecting many communities around the world – the Bay Area in California, USA being a core place of the problem. As locals of the San Francisco area, Ariana Deng, Anna Sun, and Sophia Xing, began Project Bring it Home to inspire their community while also increasing awareness on the growing epidemic. Project Bring it Home has three target audiences: homeless adults, homeless children, and their community. Each target audience has designated individually planned events, workshops, and activities in hopes of creating a better state of living for homeless individuals. Some of these activities, which will be carried out with funding, include mock interviews, public speaking workshops, a homeless simulation, and children’s movie night.

Deng, Sun, and Xing have all participated in an event in which they passed out blankets and food to the homeless, where they directly encountered individuals struggling with this problem. They notice every year that the homeless population continues to increase and there are not many organizations in their hometown working to bring career tips and engaging activities that can change the situation of this group. As a result, they created Project Bring it Home in an effort to reduce the issue of homelessness and transform the lives of many.