Jonathan Carr helps students at Unity Presbyterian School learn new sight words while assisting the teacher in the classroom

Ardenti Global Service Learning, Inc. – Bucket Farming for Belize

Bucket Farming for Belize is a project that is based in the Colett district of Belize City, Belize. Students at Unity Presbyterian School will engage in progressing literacy skills while learning how to farm in buckets. This project eliminates the need for nutrient rich soil in the community since it was built on mangroves and marsh and does not promote sustainable food growth. Students learning how to bucket farm can use the seeds of the new fruits and vegetables to sustain growth indefinitely and can use the vegetable or fruit that he or she is growing to co-op within the community.

While learning how to bucket farm, this school that has a high non-reader rate will also learn how to read what supplies are needed as well as how to spell the ingredients and progress writing skills by journaling the progress of the project.

We were inspired to start this project to alleviate two things: Food insecurity and literacy. These grant funds will allow us to purchase the supplies needed for the children to be able to start the project and watch it succeed!