Pictured from left to right are Sanctuary Stories creators Lily Bisantz and Ari Goodman, Ingrid Latorre (the woman who took Sanctuary in the Unitarian Universalist Church in Boulder, Colorado), and Annie Seder (far right).

Annie S., Lily B., Ari G., and Rosa S. – Sanctuary Stories

Sanctuary Stories: A Multimedia Exploration of Sanctuary in Colorado, takes place in cities and towns across the state where Araceli Velasquez, Ingrid Latorre, Rosa Sabido, and Sandra Lopez have taken sanctuary from deportation. The project was envisioned by these four women and their supporters, Ari Goodman, Annie Seder, and Lily Bisantz as part of their fight for immigrant rights and justice.

The goal of Sanctuary Stories is to bring bilingual educational experiences to Coloradans and people across the country in which the realities of immigration are addressed and the authentic, honest stories of the four undocumented women who have taken Sanctuary in Colorado are told. The project creates individual opportunities for learning through bilingual podcasts and exhibits, and community connection and action during associated events as the exhibit travels.

This work addresses the desperate need for immigration reform in this country. By engaging in consciousness-raising around immigrant justice and building support for Sanctuary, Sanctuary Stories helps undocumented leaders survive in their communities and gives the public the information they need to advocate for reform.