Our volunteer Esther Essien with some students of Mary Divine College, Uyo Akwa Ibom State, after a We-Mentor Session

Anne Udoh – Better Future Initiative/We-Mentor Project

In Nigeria, sexual abuse and rape victims are ridiculed, along with their families stigmatized, and the assailant often getting away free of all actions. Needless to say, case management of sexual abuse in the country is poor. It is therefore critical to prevent sexual abuse from occurring in the first place. We-Mentor is a project of Better Future Initiative (BFI), a Nigerian NGO based in Akwa Ibom State and led by Ms. Anne Udoh. We-Mentor is innovative in selecting teenagers, their parents (through the school PTAs), and teachers, as targets of our sexual abuse awareness campaign in schools. With a grant from TPP, we will reach many more teenagers and schools that ordinarily we may not have been able to connect with. With this grant, we are closer to our goal of helping teenagers to have the level of information, support, and positive self-awareness that reduces their likelihood of being sexually abused or sexually abusing others.

As an organization, it is very important for us to support victims to report cases when they occur and that we work with other organizations and agencies within the state to ensure necessary action is taken when reported. We-Mentor depends on a team of dedicated volunteers whose personal experiences inspire our collective commitment towards preventing sexual abuse, especially of teenagers.