Anita with her colleague Maida Sabeta from Bosnia during a protest to ban fur farming in Bosnia + Hercegovina, a campaign run by Maida

Anita Eusschen – Action for Animals in Eastern Europe

Anita has been an activists her whole life, she calls herself an earthmuffin, a herbivore, a peace, social justice and animal rights activist.

Nowadays she is involved in grassroot activism, campaigning and EU lobbying for animal rights and her focus mainly is on two things: uncovering the plight of farm and laboratory animals and inspiring people to take action for animals.

Anita is mainly active in eastern European countries, inviting foreign speakers and bringing them to these areas, giving workshops, trainings and hopefully recruit more people to take action for animals and giving workshops and talks herself.

In the last months her main activity has been animal transport and export of animals from the EU to the Middle East by ship, a horror trade for these animals on so-called ships to hell. Bearing witness and seeing the suffering of animals first hand, she really can tell their stories.

In the next months she will travel south-east European countries to meet activists, give workshops and hopefully strengthen activism in Eastern Europe, following colleagues and activists that have been there before.