Anirudh Suri – ONE CELL

ONE CELL is a battery collection program started by Anirudh Suri in San Diego, California. The program is run twice a year and aims to help reduce the 3 billion alkaline batteries that are incorrectly disposed of each year. It is the only solution that makes it convenient for people to recycle their old, alkaline batteries that are stuck in their homes or get thrown out. Participating schools will get specially designed ONE CELL collection envelopes for their students to take home and fill up with used batteries.

Collected batteries are then taken to the nearest recycling center and then sent onto treatment facilities for recycling. Anirudh was inspired to start ONE CELL when he learned about the harmful impacts that lead and toxins in alkaline batteries have on our natural resources when thrown away in the dump (illegal in most states). After finding no convenient way to recycle the alkaline batteries at his home, Anirudh started ONE CELL in hopes of saving the environment.

The grant will allow ONE CELL to build their own new website to broadcast the program to schools as well as raise money but more importantly help sustain the program for 3+ years by paying for supplies, custom eco-friendly envelopes, and recycling fees in which time, Anirudh hopes to expand into a City-sponsored project to run for years to come.