a meeting while they are having their rehearsal, and training activities

Ancestral School of Arts for Chagres – Ancestral School of Arts

The Ancestral School of Arts project aims to rescue and strengthen the cultural and ancestral values of our African-Colombian community by the efforts of La Casa Sobre La Roca Foundation, and specifically by acquiring musical instruments and typical dance costumes for the project beneficiaries. Our community leaders, Martha Rojas, Ruby Cortes, and Katherine Rojas, among others, are helping our people in need improving their quality of life by projects and activities related to culture, recreation, health, and housing, among the elderly, the childhood, single mothers, and the disabled.

We mostly have action in our local community in our hometown of Jamundí County, Valle del Cauca, Colombia. We believe that our purposes and efforts will make a better community, and will provide a bridge for community members to succeed in their life projects. The granted funds will give us the starting point of improving the whole ancestral dance, and music performance not only locally within our community, but also throughout the region.