Allison Argo, Shawna Weaver, Alyssa Almond – The Last Pig Film Educational Curriculum

The Last Pig is a compelling documentary which captures the deeply personal journey of one man during his final year as a pig farmer, as he grapples with the ethics of killing and ultimately transitions to vegetable farming. Bob Comis, the pig farmer, had such a moving story to tell, and now his story has the power of touching countless lives.

Our “Pigs Not Pork” tour is a concentrated series of screenings on college campuses. The campus audience has a chance to see the film, talk with people involved with the film, and meet Charlotte the pig.

We know the profound emotional impact that can occur when a person meets a nonhuman animal. For many college students meeting a rescued pig on campus may be the first time they have ever come in contact with a farmed animal. Along with the transformative power of watching the film, meeting a pig in person offers students an opportunity to more deeply consider the messages in the film as they reflect on their own eating choices.

This grant helps enable us to support Charlotte’s comfortable travels from campus to campus.