A group photograph with Bankers from First City Monument Bank (FCMB) at the end of a Financial literacy session during the 2018 summer holiday camp.

Alice Apejoye & Ogunfuye Samuel – WIT 21 Hub Holiday Camp

Growing up in an environment where children were denied their right to protection development, survival, and participation has inspired me. I have watched parents and teachers love their children, yet subject them to different forms of abuse. While individuals from high-income families are granted a quality education and access to skills that help them in the global economy, others have to stay home.

This is where the idea for the WIT 21 Hub Holiday Camp comes from. The holiday camp will provide educational opportunities to children from families like mine who cannot afford the fees of other opportunities. I obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work to further share my passion. The more I studied about social problems and their short and long term effects, the more inspired I was to solve the issue of child protection in Africa.

The Pollination Project grant will help us bring this program during the December school holiday to children in families that are not able to afford expensive holiday programs.