Alfred Okello, The Skill Life Sustainability Programme

Alfred Okello is blind, yet this does not stop him from being a positive force for change in his community.

Last year, in partnership with Peace Corps Volunteer, Brianna Schulyer, Alfred launched the Tandem bike program for the physically impaired members of the Foundation Hope for People with Disabilities (FHPD) in the Amuru District of Uganda. The idea behind the program was to provide independence and freedom of movement to the members of this community. One of the biggest problems these individuals face in maintaining a job and livelihood is the lack of ability to travel without the aid of a willing able-bodied person.

With the tandem bike, a person with physical impairment can navigate, while a person with visual impairment can peddle, for example. Members of the community can support each other’s mobility.  The original grant allowed them to purchase and build two tandem bicycles and carts which have had great success in both building community and cooperation among the Foundation members, as well as making it easier for people to engage in daily activities like going to the market or the doctor.

With Alfred’s impact grant, he will be offering job skill training to members of the Foundation as well as building more tandem bikes.

When being notified that he received this grant, Alfred wrote:

“I am very sure the community will greatly feel the love you are showing. I promise to work hand in hand with you and the disabled community here to bring some changes. On the behalf of the disabled community, I don’t know if I will ever get the right words to express how grateful I feel about all these love you are showing us. THANK YOU-WAPWOYO MATEK.”

GRANT AWARD DATE: 2014 Year End Impact Grant