Alexa Levy, Permaculture Action Days Outreach to Youth

For Youth Development Hub member, Susan Silber, helping youth connect to nature and the soil is a powerful tool. It neatly supports their futures by not only giving them the opportunity to gain valuable interpersonal and practical skills and spend time in calming environments, but also literally gives them the tools to more sustainably provide for themselves and their communities. In her final flow fund of 2016, she has chosen to support the work of Alexa Levy with a grant.

Alexa, who works as a full-time educator and volunteers for this work in addition to her efforts in the classroom, is working to organize Action Days, one-day events designed to co-create a sustainable and regenerative world by actually taking action. She will use the funds to design and implement activities and outreach materials for kids and youth, to bring in a broader audience and engage youth in these important activities. Alexa is focusing on curriculum that values the permaculture principles of “earth care, fair share, people care.”

Susan says: “Alexa is first one of the most amazing youth educators I have ever met! She is super passionate about working with kids, incredibly patient with them, very creative and very organized, despite working almost full-time. She is very devoted as a community volunteer, and has volunteered her time tirelessly to work on youth activities with various community gardens and farms, in collaboration with the Permaculture Action Network.”