children during a workshop in the farm of Organization Earth NGO, in Athens

Aggelina Kanellopoulou – The Bee Camp

The Bee Camp is not just another conservation project. Our vision is a future with cities in which people and nature co-exist in harmony. Our mission is to inspire and empower communities to make cities a better place for pollinators through education, awareness raising, and a holistic approach on social change. This starts with two challenges: people living in the cities are disconnected from nature and the population of native pollinators is dramatically decreasing. According to IUCN Red List, “Nearly one in ten wild bee species face extinction in Europe.”

The Bee Camp is the only initiative working on pollinator conservation in Greece and one of the very few in the Balkans. Firstly, we focus on the future by providing hands-on workshops for children. Secondly, we create room in our cities for the pollinators through a practical, creative and cost-effective idea: “The Bee Spots”, city havens consisting of bee-friendly flowers and insect-hotels providing safe habitat for the pollinators. Through our team’s grassroots actions, we have engaged approximately 3,000 individuals, collaborated with 4 Environmental NGOs in Greece, planned more than 23 events and workshops, and established 10 Bee Spots in Athens in the past year. We are now about to launch the “Athens Bee Path”; a safe pathway for the protection of urban pollinators.

The financial resources of the TPP will enable us to implement the Path through the launch of an awareness campaign, the installation of a series of Bee Spots connecting the green spaces of Athens, and the implementation of educational outreach events. The grant will stimulate and accelerate our current momentum for applied impact in the present. Through this, I hope that our team’s work and passion will be highlighted in an international level. This will enhance my worldwide network and our capacity to receive support as an upcoming conservationist in order to fulfill our commitment to bee conservation and to making Greece a more sustainable place.