Susan sewing the dolls on our machine at the shop

Afriknit Dolls, Meshack and Susan – Afriknit Dolls

My wife Susan, who is a professional tailor, and I saw that our drainage systems and surrounding environments were littered with rugs and plastic papers and bottles. Much of the other wastes were being picked up for recycling, however rugs and cut-offs were not. As a result, this contributes to extreme environmental pollution and blockage of drainage systems. Together, we were inspired to bring about a change.

We hope to reduce physical fabric waste that is released into our environment and smoke that is emitted into the atmosphere from burning rugs and waste fabric. We are creating dolls from African wear cut offs fabric with African hair style to help spread the African culture and heritage throughout the world. We are able to convert what is considered waste fabric into dolls and it is this activity that helps us identify with the community around us and keep the community clean. I believe in success of this project because we shall engage many volunteers to support the running of this activities. In the future we will act as a youths support center that shall eventually be empowered and have started production of the same dolls.

Our target clients for the finished doll product include children’s play schools, Sunday school departments in churches, hospital therapy departments, salons which can use the dolls for braiding lessons, parents with young children, supermarkets, and children’s homes. The Pollination Project grant will help us go a long way by ensuring that we are able to purchase some of the value addition material we need and an embroidery machine that can help us make very beautiful attractive dolls .The funding is important to our success because they will help make our work easier and production of quality value added products and enable us have more people working at the same time for self sustainability.