The Beat the Bottle team with hands together before a cleanup campaign at the Muea market area in Buea

Ada Acobta, Azah Abanda, C. Onya, F. Lydia – Beat the Bottle

Beat the Bottle is an initiative aimed at tackling the problem of plastic pollution in communities in and around the city of Buea, South West, Cameroon. Through education and awareness raising about the harmful effects of plastic waste pollution, the project will organize local communities to take an active role in waste collection and management. Households in the targeted communities, along with local businesses and primary and secondary schools, will receive education and be provided the necessary resources to collect, sort, and store plastic waste for monthly pickups. The collected waste will be picked up by volunteers and channeled to partner organizations for recycling.

This approach tackles the problem at its source, drastically reducing the amount of plastic litter that ends up on street corners, in storm drainage, streams, drainage ditches and eventually into the ocean. The approach engages youth and local community members in education and cleanup of plastic on their streets, waterways and beaches, which helps develop a culture of ownership and accountability as they play an active role in the cleanup of their surrounding environments.