Abosi Muma with young students

Abosi Muma, Children Home International – Inclusive Classrooms for Visually Impaired Students

Date grant awarded: April 27, 2019

Muma Abosi’s project, Inclusive Classrooms for Visually Impaired Students, is an initiative to integrate visually impaired students from disadvantaged families in Etug-Ebe, Yaounde, Cameroon in real time study alongside their peers. Muma Abosi, together with Children Home International, an organization that promotes the education of children, will provide visually impaired students with educational didactic materials like writing frames, styluses, recorders and white canes in order to improve their learning experience and make the classroom more inclusive. This project is designed to help visually impaired children who cannot afford necessary didactic materials acquire the education they need in order to improve their chances in life and break out of the cycle of poverty.