Abisola Oni - #kNOwScoliosis Project

Abisola Oni and Abimbola Oladapo – #kNOwScoliosis Project

The #kNOwScoliosis project under the Beyond A Curved Spine (BACS) Initiative founded by Abisola Oni and Abimbola Oladapo is focused on raising scoliosis awareness in Nigeria and Africa at large.

Scoliosis is an abnormal lateral curvature of the spine that affects teenage children. 9 in 10 cases are idiopathic (there is no known cause) and, depending on the severity of the curve, treatment options vary from bracing to physiotherapy and spinal-fusion (surgery). There is no known cure for scoliosis, therefore, early detection is key to effective management. This project involves screening sessions at schools, speaking engagements at seminars/gatherings focusing on educating people on early detection and dispelling myths surrounding scoliosis.

The grantees, who have considered themselves “ScoliWarriors” for over ten years, recently realized there was little to no information available on scoliosis related issues in Africa. Their extensive experiences fuel their passion for this work. With early detection, children living with scoliosis are quickly identified, reducing the need for surgery, all while building a community of love and strength for ScoliWarriors!